Upgrade to Lightweight & high performance LITHUM motorcycle battery YTX14AH-BS

Upgrade to Lightweight & high performance LITHUM motorcycle battery YTX14AH-BS

Upgrade to Lightweight & high performance LITHUM motorcycle battery YTX14AH-BS

We believe that lithium batteries are not just the future, but should be available for every bikers right now. All their benefits are amazing and the it's more environment friendly than any other battery before, so we would like to make sure that everybody knows about them as we are sure that once you try it, you will never go back to the conventional batteries.

This allowed us to negotiate our prices to our customers benefit. Who makes the JMT brand? JMT is the own brand of one of the biggest motorcycle distributor in Europe. With a HQ in Hamburg, they supply 10,000s of professional services and racing teams.

JMT is the official supplier for KTM and TM Racing for lithium batteries and they are used in the 2016 KTM models as standard. Why JMT lithium batteries are cheaper than other brands? Superb Cranking Capacity - up to 50% more than Lead-Acid batteries.

Weight - up to 75% less weight than Lead-Acid batteries. No Sulphating - longer service life. Lower Self Discharge - can last longer without recharging. Excellent Cycle Life - more than 2,000 cycles (Lead - Acid batteries 200-300). Drop-in replacement - 1 to 1 replacement dimensions for OEM battery, no modification needed to the motorcycle.

Less Fuel Consumption - thanks to higher OCV the engine works more efficiently. Super-fast Recharge - very high recharging rate through high current. No explosion risk - no gasses are produced during charge or discharge. No maintenance - no acid fill, no leak risk, can be mounted in any position (great for project bikes or bike builders). Stable Discharge Voltage - better engine performance, easy engine start.

Ecological advantage - no pollution, no lead, no acid, safe & normal disposal. Do I need a lithium specific charger? The best and most secure way to charge your lithium battery is to use a lithium specific charger as they are optimised for your battery. JMT LITHIUM batteries can be charged with most intelligent Lead-Acid battery chargers.

However, there is ONE VERY IMPORTANT RESTRICTION: Every intelligent Lead-Acid charger has a de-sulphating mode. And this de-sulphating mode works different depending on the charger brand or type. Some chargers use a high current pulse to de-sulphate the Lead-Acid batteries. This is safe for JMT Lithium batteries. But others use a high Voltage mode to de-sulphate Lead-Acid batteries. And this is dangerous for EVERY lithium battery. This high voltage can damage the internal cells of Lithium batteries. As a general rule: check if your charger NEVER goes above 15 Volt, and it can be used properly for Lithium batteries. Chargers that use a high voltage characteristic, must also check the internal resistance of the battery.

Some intelligent chargers will recognize that the internal resistance is low in JMT LITHIUM batteries. That is why they judge that the battery is not sulphated and they will not switch to the high voltage mode.

But anyway you must be very careful with this kind of chargers. Another typical fact on JMT LITHIUM batteries is that they don't like Trickle Charging. Trickle charging is the stage where the battery cells lie under constant light over voltage to compensate the natural self discharge. Is there one available for my motorbike?

JMT has a wide range of lithium batteries (12V or 6V) to replace any maintenance free, gel or conventional battery. If you can't find the battery you need, just let us know the make, model and year of your motorbike or the old battery model number and we will be happy to assist in finding the best battery for your bike. Will this battery definitely fit my bike? All JMT lithium batteries are designed to be a perfect and direct replacement for your old battery. Why there is more than one heights (does not apply for all batteries)?

The smallest number reflects to the actual battery heights while the other number(s) are referring to the heights with the spacer(s). Why the capacity is lower than in my previous battery? With every battery there are two very important specifications which you need to take into consideration. One of them is the capacity, the other is the cold cranking amps (CCA).

To put it in the simplest way, capacity reflect how long would it take for your battery to go flat say when you leave the headlight on (when the engine is not running), while the CCA is for how much power it generates when starting the bike. In conventional batteries the capacity and the CCA are linked (the more capacity the better CCA).

To produce enough power for starting the bike the capacity needs to be needlessly high, otherwise it wouldn't be able to start the bike. In lithium batteries this increase wasn't necessary since it generally have higher CCA (as it can use nearly 100% of the capacity for the cold cranking while for conventional and maintenance free batteries it is only 30%). Is there any motorbike requirements to use a lithium battery? There is not many really, these lithium batteries are designed to replace your OEM battery without any modification, however as with any other type of battery it is important that the bike has a healthy charging system and there is no parasitic draw in your motorbike. If you need to replace battery too often, it is recommended to have your bike checked by a professional. How regularly do I need to charge it? If you are using your bike regularly and it has a healthy charging system without any parasitic draw, then you don't need to charge it often. It has 95% less self-discharge than an ordinary battery and can do very well even if you don't use your motorcycle often. As with every battery, lithium batteries don't do well with going completely flat, therefore JMT lithium batteries have a built in LED battery charging indicator. Use this regularly and if the charging is medium (2 LEDs) or low (1 LED) than charge your battery.

What is the best maintenance? JMT lithium batteries are completely maintenance free, you don't need to refill the acid as there is no acid (no spill). You only need to make sure that you check the charge level (very easy with the BCI system) and charge it if necessary.

The resistance of JMT LION batteries increases at low temperatures. But they will do their job until -10 degrees Celsius. But thanks to the special techniques and the management system built in the JMT LION batteries, they will perform much better than other Lithium batteries in cold conditions.

There is also a simple trick you can use: if the battery performs poor under cold conditions, use your headlight during 15 - 20 seconds before cranking. This will warm up the battery and afterwards she will perform better. Why is it so much lighter? It is a completely new technology and it is not very easy to explain, but to put it in the simplest way, lead as an element (which is the main component in lead-acid batteries) are much heavier than lithium. Is there any explosion risk?

Yes, so it can be used safely in even snowmobiles or jet-skies. How does it work with higher temperature? These batteries work much better (even at 60 C) and can tolerate shock therefore they are used in racing industry. Why does it have a copper terminals? Thanks to the lower internal resistance of Copper (CU), the conductivity of current in Copper Terminals is 10 x higher than in Lead (Pb) terminals. All the energy that your JMT LITHIUM battery has to conduct passes through the terminals. One of the biggest advantages of JMT LITHIUM batteries is the ability to discharge (ex: during cranking) and to charge very fast. So the Copper terminals give the JMT LITHIUM batteries an enhanced electrical and mechanical performance. Comparable in moderation and connections with: Yuasa Mfr No.

YTX14AH-BS YB14-A2 YB14A-A1 YB14A-A2 YB14-B2 YTX14AHL-BS YTX14LBS YB14L-A1 YB14L-A2 YB14L-B2 SYB14L-A2 SYB14L-B2 12N14-3A. 4.83 Ah (10 Std).

Cold Start Current Method Measurement. Height (battery) with 1 spacer (optional) with 2 spacers (optional). 133 mm 140 mm 168 mm. We provide quality batteries and thereby guarantee the proper processing of faultless materials technically flawless execution and the compliance with relevant JIS/EN standards with regards to dimensions and performance.

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Upgrade to Lightweight & high performance LITHUM motorcycle battery YTX14AH-BS

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